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Qt support for share (intent on Android, extension on iOS) limits usefulness of Qt on mobile platforms

  • It seems that Qt doesn't support cooperation between apps on mobile platforms. Specifically, what is called 'Share and Action extensions' on iOS and 'share intent' on Android. (Think of it as drag and drop on the desktop). Is that something a developer must do natively, and are there any plans for Qt to wrap or abstract this?

    For example, the QtPrintSupport libraries are not compiled for the mobile platforms (also the QFileDialog is very unfriendly.) On mobile platforms, a user chooses a 'Share' button and a standard, native dialog opens letting the user share to social websites, or do an action such as print, save to cloud, etc. In other words, as iOS HIG discusses, the platform tries to simplify the user experience, hiding the notion of a file system and so forth, lumping it all under 'share.'

    If Qt doesn't support this abstraction, then the apps that Qt can effectively support is very limited, say games and content consumers, but not content providers such as editors and drawing apps.

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    That's something you should rather bring on the interest mailing list. You'll find there Qt's developers/maintainers. This forum is more user oriented.

  • I'm sure you're right but 'user oriented' is the wrong word? To me, that means an app user, who shouldn't even know they are using an app implemented in Qt. Would 'app developer' make more sense? As distinguished from 'Qt developer.' In other words, this forum is for features of Qt that exist, and how to program using them, and the mailing list is for programmers developing new features of Qt.

    In my exploring, it seems some of these concepts are new to iOS 8 (and have no equivalent in Android?) so it is not surprising they are not in Qt yet.

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    Not the wrong word at all. We're on a Qt user forum which means that generally people are either application or library developer, but still, Qt user.

    Anyway it seems indeed that it's not something that has been implemented yet. Did you took a look at the "bug report system": ? To see if someone already wrote something about it

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