QGLWidget crashes ONLY under Windows and ONLY on my Notebook

  • Hello,

    I am fighting with a strange problem: my program runs under Windows (different installations) and Linux (also different installations on different computers), but keeps crashing under Windows 7 64 Bit on my Notebook (Tecra A10-137 with a 4500MHD graphics). I know that it has something to do with the QGLWidget, as soon as I "demote" the widget, the application starts.

    On the same notebook, under Linux, the application runs perfectly.

    To make it more strange, the "hellogl" (unmodified, as delivered with the actual version of QTCreator) also crashes - the same way my application does, without leaving a useable backtrace (just a few "??" lines) and pointing into a disassembly of some random code. Neither DrMemory nor Valgrind show anything wrong.

    Some other OpenGL applications I tried out (e.g. OpenGLChecker) work without a problem, so it can't be an inherent problem. The OpenGL Version is 2.1, the same as under Linux (where, as I said, the application works without any issues).

    The driver is the newest one I was able to find (and install - it wouldn't let me install the newest one because it was "not certified for my computer" - whatever that means, I'm a Linux type of guy :) ).

    Any ideas?

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