[SOLVED] QSplitterHandle does not emit customContextMenuRequested signal

  • I have 2 widgets layed out in a vertical splitter. I want to make it so that I can right-click the splitter and a context menu appears where I can select from a pre-set list of splitter positions (like 50/50, 25/75 etc.). Naturally, I've tried this:

    @connect(ui->splitter->handle(1), SIGNAL(customContextMenuRequested(QPoint)), SLOT(splitterContextMenuRequested(QPoint)));@

    But my slot is never called. Why is that, and how can I achieve what I want?

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    As the docs specify, to get that particular signal you need to set the context menu policy of the splitter to Qt::CustomContextMenu.
    The other thing is that this signal is emitted by the splitter object, not the splitter handle of it.

  • The splitter object itself emits this signal no problem, BUT it is emitted no matter where I click. However, setting the custom context menu policy on the handle solved the problem. Thanks!

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    Sure. You can get the handle geometry and check if the click occurs inside, eg.
    void SomeClass::splitterClickSlot(QPoint p){
    auto geometry = ui->splitter->handle(1)->geometry();
    //do stuff...

    Edit. Oh, your way is better :)

  • :)
    I always forget to set CustomContext policy. This isn't the first time I'm being puzzled as to why my menu isn't showing up. Frankly, I don't understand why that's not the default value.

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