Why is QString(char*) private in trunk?

  • In qstring.h these methods are now private, I checked the qt5 trunk out from git:

    #if defined(QT_NO_CAST_FROM_ASCII)
    QString &operator+=(const char *s);
    QString &operator+=(const QByteArray &s);
    QString(const char *ch);
    QString(const QByteArray &a);
    QString &operator=(const char *ch);
    QString &operator=(const QByteArray &a);

    Why? This is going to make a lot of code uglier, I now have to wrap every single function call where I used to be able to say "string.split("HI")" with "string.split(QString.fromUtf8("HI")"

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    Look upper in the header file under the "// ASCII compatibility" comment, you'll see that if you don't define QT_NO_CAST_FROM_ASCII the methods are public.

    As for the rest you would rather use:


    The reasoning behind is explained in the documentation of QString and QLatin1String

  • Hi, also you can use

    it's useful in those environments where QString(char*) is private 100% of the time, for example when you're writing a Qt Creator plugin.

    As SGaist suggests, it's a good idea always to put your hardcoded strings inside a function anyway, because maybe your product is a success and you have to translate it to another language!

  • There are different approaches to making something multilingual, in any case I would rather have the option of coding as fast as possible and worry about business decisions at a point of time of my choosing.

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