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QQuickView embedded in NSView flickers like hell when being resized

  • Hi all, this one is a complicated one - at least for me, as I'm totally stuck.

    What I do is this: on the Mac I create a QQuickView from scratch and re-parent it to an existing NSView.
    There's (official) example code how to do this (see below).

    Then, every time I resize my QQuickView, it starts to flicker like hell.

    If I do the same thing within a simple QtCreator project I built from scratch (creating a QQuickView as
    my application window's child), I can resize it without any problems.

    Furthermore, it seems that the behaviour i noticed is special to the QQuickView class;
    if I do the same thing with a plain QWindow (re-parent it to my existing NSView),
    I can resize it properly without any artefacts (I painted a custom background to the
    QWindow, to see if resizing works)

    please help anybody, I can't quite figure out what to do.

    official reparenting code:

    NSView *getEmbeddableView(QWindow *qtWindow)
    // Get the Qt content NSView for the QWindow forom the Qt platform plugin
    QPlatformNativeInterface *platformNativeInterface = QGuiApplication::platformNativeInterface();

    // Inform the window that it's a subwindow of a non-Qt window. This must be
    // done after create() because we need to have a QPlatformWindow instance.
    // The corresponding NSWindow will not be shown and can be deleted later.
    typedef void (*SetEmbeddedInForeignViewFunction)(QPlatformWindow *window, bool embedded);
                                                       nativeResourceFunctionForIntegration("setEmbeddedInForeignView"))(qtWindow->handle(), true);
    // Get the Qt content NSView for the QWindow from the Qt platform plugin
    NSView *qtView = (NSView *)platformNativeInterface->nativeResourceForWindow("nsview", qtWindow);
    return qtView; // qtView is ready for use.


    QQuickView *qv = new QQUickView;
    NSView *nsv_qv = getEmbeddableView(qv);
    NSView *nsv_parent = ...
    [nsv_parent addSubView: nsv_qv]

    [edit: added missing coding tags @ SGaist]

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