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Looking at throughput in Qt Quick

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    Thanks sletta for this post. Cleared lot of my doubts :)

  • What a superb article! Certainly got me looking a lot more closely at some of the details in especially all the QSG_ environment variables.

  • Is this still valid after 6 years?

    4 votes and 4 posts, in 6 years........a lot of views though, wonder how many people here found it useful?, oh, yeah, 4 :D

    The poster was "LAST ONLINE 17 AUG 2016, 09:45"

    Could someone, a mod perhaps, consider unpinning this somewhat useless article?, thanks.

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    However old, can you explain why you consider this article useless ?

  • @SGaist - I deem it useless by the fact it has little votes, where as if it was really interesting, people would be commenting and voting it.

    I suppose the information maybe useful for some people with regard to graphics performance on older machines/devices. Perhaps my comment was a little off hand and I shouldn't have used the term 'useless', I guess it's not interesting to me, but then i am still learning and have little need for the information given within. Some of the category links even bring you back to the same pages.

    Perhaps to replace the article with the Code of Conduct for this forum instead of it just being slapped across the top of the page. Or even something that contains links to real world working examples for amateurs like me to play with, examples that actually work with better explanations. So many of the examples are outdated or don't work as expected, many lacking good documentation. The times I've read users stating "the documentation wasn't clear, there is nothing explaining the problems I am facing" or similar.

    I take it you see the article as valuable information?

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