QToolButton Arrow is behind text in Instant popup mode. Can I get rid of it?

  • I am using a QToolButton on a toolbar to bring up a menu.

    According to the documentation, if you use ToolButtonPopupMode::MenuButtonPopup it shows an arrow. I discovered that the arrow must be clicked in order to actually show the menu. I didn't want that so I used ToolButtonPopupMode::Instant instead.

    However, the arrow is still there. Only now it is just to the right of the text in the place a period would be if I put it after the text... except that the part of the arrow stretches behind the text. I don't mind an arrow showing where it was with MenuButtonPopup but I do not want to have to click the arrow in order for the menu to show. And I CERTAINLY don't want it at the bottom of the button where it is half covered up by the text.

    Can I make the arrow disappear/Get rid of the arrow entirely and still have it be a menu button?

  • I use something like that:

    // remove when issue 210047 from Trolltech Task Tracker will be solved
    class ToolButtonWorkarounded : public QToolButton
    ToolButtonWorkarounded( QWidget* _parent = 0 );

    void paintEvent( QPaintEvent* _paintEvent );
    }; // class ToolButtonWorkarounded

    ToolButtonWorkarounded::ToolButtonWorkarounded( QWidget* _parent )
    : QToolButton( _parent )
    } // ToolButtonWorkarounded::ToolButtonWorkarounded

    ToolButtonWorkarounded::paintEvent( QPaintEvent* _paintEvent )
    QStyleOptionToolButton styleOption;
    QToolButton::initStyleOption( &styleOption );
    styleOption.features &= ~QStyleOptionToolButton::HasMenu;

    QPainter painter( this );
    style()->drawComplexControl( QStyle::CC_ToolButton, &styleOption, &painter, this );
    } // ToolButtonWorkarounded::paintEvent

  • Thanks! That worked great. How do I get to the Trolltech task tracker to find that issue?

  • It's so old that I don't think it would ever be fixed. It was reported using previous bugs database, now it's QTBUG-2036.

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