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Qt version 1.0 & version 1.1

  • Hi All,

    I am developing an application for Nokia Symbian since last two months, Nokia is a new platform for me I have good experience in iPhone development, I started Qt SDK 1.0 what I found 1.0 was not really good for some mobile device specially in UI, I just moved out to Qt SDK 1.1 released on 1st March 2011 I went through QML (Qt Quick) I found it really good in UI experience, finally when I reach to OVi for publishing my application OVi just refused my application due to Qt SDK 1.1 which is not supported on Nokia Symbian devices yet.

    Again I cam back to Qt SDK 1.0 I used QDelearativeView and used same QML structure its working fine on simulator but when I am trying to build it for Symbian device I am getting error "no such file or directory".

    Now I have number of questions listed below

    1 - How can I fix this error and publish it to OVi
    2 - Any good resource for publishing & signed process for Symbian devices
    3 - Any expectation how much long Ovi would take to support Qt SDK 1.1

    Thanks in advance,
    Mohammad Asif

  • Hi,

    this might "help": regrading when SDK 1.1 will be accepted by OVI.

    It points to an ovi site, containing:

    App Publication

    Only apps built with the Nokia Qt SDK 1.0 , using Qt 4.6, can be published through Ovi Store at this time. Qt SDK 1.1 Beta apps will be accepted into the Ovi Publish intake system and will receive a special acknowledgement advising that the app has been received and will be held for publishing until commercial availability of the SDK. Once the SDK becomes final (scheduled for release 2Q 2011), submitted apps will be processed for distribution in Ovi Store.

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