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  • Hello,

    i want that my programm dont change the icon. I want the same icon that the other application bevore used. is there a option or trigger i have to set? Or some workaround?

    Environment is Windows 8 and Qt Version 5.2.1

    Thanks and greetz

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    Hi, welcome to devnet.

    Which icon are you talking about? The executable file icon, taskbar shortcut icon, app window icon? What do you mean by "the same icon that the other application before used"? What is the other application and how do you determine when it was running?

    "Here": is a general description of how to set an icon for the application executable.

  • I mean the Mouse Icon :) I forgot to say that.

    The Mouse Icon changes when i move from a other Application (in my case it is a game) to my Application. When i go back to the game i have the same icon from my application, but not the mouse-icon from the game. Thats annyoing. So i want to disable the mouse-icon change from my application and will use the same mouse icon from the game.

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    Oh, you mean the cursor :) It's not a "mouse icon" because not everyone that has a cursor has a mouse (think touch, trackballs, tablets etc.).

    You can set a cursor on a specific widget. You can set it on a specific control or globally. You don't have to set it back manually. Just set it on the widget you want and Qt will put it back when the cursor leaves the widget. See "here": for the details.

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