How are the steps to buid a qml project

  • I dont have any nokia phone to test my application, im working in qt 4.7.0 and then i found the option to compile in a remote compiler but when i get the sis file i install the app in a sony ericsson vivaz u5 phone and the installation is completely succesfull but i can´t open it....! Can anyone help me or explain to me how to build a qml project to sis package

  • qml needs Qt 4.7.0.
    Are you sure, the sony ericsson mobile has Qt on board? and especially Qt 4.7.0 or newer?
    Or did you put the qt libs into your sis?

  • Yes i install all the libs in my phone also i test the .sis in a remote device in a N97 but still not working, i try with a qml example demo but does not work, i build the project in the romote compiler in the target for s60 5th edition for n97 sdk i dont know if exist other way to realease .sis package. I have 1 month trying this tool qt sdk

  • i found the reason my phone dont support the qmlviewer.sis lib... i think that is the problem

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