Qt Creator 3.2 crashes on RHEL 6.4 - Gtk Theme problem.

  • Qt Creator crashes on my Red Hat EL 6.4 distro. The failure looks to be related to the Gtk Theme support.

    When I try to open a file or a project, qt creator exist with this error. (The error at line 2 appears on launch, the error at line 3 appears when I try to open the file)

    @###> qtcreator
    (<unknown>:3122): Gtk-WARNING **: Attempt to load unknown IM context type 'gtk-im-context-none'
    qtcreator: symbol lookup error: /Qt5/Tools/QtCreator/bin/plugins/platformthemes/libqgtk2.so: undefined symbol: gtk_dialog_get_widget_for_response
    ###> @

    I am running QtCreator 3.2 and Qt 5.3 both installed using the online installer (64-bit). I don't have any control over my RHEL distro as this is at a client site.

    Since RHEL 6.4 is no longer supported by RH, I don't expect to get any help in that department.


    I was wondering if there is a list of supported platforms mapping to supported Qt versions that I can contribute to.

    Looking for others with similar experiences.

    I am going to deploy CentOS 7 to see if this platform works better. My client is married to RHEL due to a need for of Rational ClearCase support. I have no idea if the ClearCase executables will work in CentOS but I suspect they will...

    Any other suggestions or advice are welcome.

    Thanks in Advance.

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