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Show running applications on mac

  • Hi,

    In my custom app on Mac OS X, when a button is clicked I need to display all the running applications(programs) in mac in a dialog box. For eg: If a notes, itunes, safari, iphoto etc applications are running in Mac I need to show them arranged in a grid in a dialog box. In mac, if we press command + option + esc keys will show the running applications.

    Please suggest how to get the running apps from OS X in code.

    This need not be in Qt. Suggest any code ideas or api s to get this info from OS X.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Some info: Activity monitor in mac is similar to Task manager in Windows.

    We do not want all the info that task manager has. Only the first tab of task manager ie applications must be displayed.

    How to show those applications in code in my application.

    Appreciate your help in this regard.

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