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Questions about QMdiSubWindow title bar

  • I have the following questions about QMdiSubWindow:

    • How do I add more buttons apart from maximize, minimize and close to a QMdiSubWindow?
    • Is there a way to change the icons for QMdiSubWindow?
    • Is there a way to automatically hide the title bar and border of QMdiSubWindow?
    • Is there a way to theme the border and title bar for QMdiSubWindow?

    • Draw your own title bar
    • Yes
    • I don't understand the question. Hide based on what?
    • Yes, see first point.

  • Thanks Andre. How do I draw my own title bar? Just add a widget and add buttons to it?

  • For instance, yes. And make sure you make sure that your title bar reimplements all the functionality that a normal title bar has.

  • Hi itzram,

    you can create your own style (QStyle or dervived subclass) where you draw that stuff. the MDI sub windows draw completly via QStyle painting.

    To change layout of the border the border etc, use the parameters of QMdiArea::addSubWindow.

  • Thanks Gerolf.

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