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Integrating my own middleware into Qt GUI application

  • Hi all, I am new to Qt. I have a mobile middleware written in C language. Now my aim is to develop an Qt GUI to integrate my middleware. With the end product I should be able to cherry pick only those features which are needed from my middleware and o/p the new middleware with only selected features. How can I accomplish my task with Qt? All suggestions are wlecome..

  • Hi,
    There are multiple options for including C code in Qt. What do you say when you have your own stack? Stack is just a piece of memory you get from the OS that holds your non static members.

  • Hi Jeroentje,
    Sorry to confuse you. Actually 'stack' means some part of android middleware. My middleware consists of several folders with header and source files. I want to integrate the whole middleware into Qt app and pick only those features which I want and my Qt app should finally create new middleware with only selected features. Hope I made it clear now.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    You could follow the same concept used by Qxt, Qwt and Qt itself i.e. have a variable named e.g MYSTACK (please find something better)

    In the pro file
    @MYSTACK += my_middleware_1 my_middlewar_4@

    And in you middleware library check what MYSTACK contains to include/build the needed part.

    Hope it helps

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