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Installing several editions

  • Hello
    I would appreciate if someone can clarify the following to me.

    I have a mac and I installed Qt some time ago. I think I ve installed the not commercial edition.

    However, for a particular reason (I am going to a seminar) I am required to have the "enterprise " edition (trial version)
    I think this edition is valid for a limited number of days

    Can I have both editions installed? I wouldnt want to have my original Qt uninstalled so as to have this enterprise only for a limited time

    Thanks very much

  • Moderators

    I'm not sure how it's being done on Mac nowadays, but on all other platforms you can install many versions of Qt in parallel and they will work fine.

    Or you can compile Qt yourself with a -prefix (or -developer-build) and it will definitely be 100% independent of everything else.

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