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Can qt certification fill lack of experience?

  • I want to be employed in a company for rest of my life but I dont have any experience of work in company because I'm freelancer, can qt certificate make me a qualify for send my CV to companies?

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    the Qt Certification process acknowledges your experience using Qt. Being a freelancer, an employee or just a dedicated hobbyist doesn't matter. It's your experience with this library that counts. So sure, it's a plus when you send your CV to a company especially if that company searches for Qt programmers.

    However it won't replace anything if you are lacking practical experience in a domain that the company needs someone for. e.g. if it searches someone with advanced OpenGL knowledge and you never wrote a shader nor used OpenGL then you should either start working on your skills taking courses and working at home or submit your CV to another company.

    Anyway, when answering a job offer or trying to contact someone who could provide your with work, the fact that you're a freelancer is secondary as long as you can prove that you are producing quality work and that you can integrate a the company team and adopt its philosophy.

  • Having some insights in "certification" as such, I can tell you, that no certification program in general is thought to fill a lack of experience. If you are looking for a long term employment, this is one more reason to avoid all "tricks" which can undermine the trust on both sides. Generally, a good hiring manager prefers getting people with more commitment, loyalty and a clear will to become better than "high-fly" experts who will soon jump of the board on the next convenient occasion...

    Yes, a Qt Certification proof is yet another item you can put on your CV in addition to all the projects you have done in the past. But! This is more like an external, and independent reference for your skills, but not a skill on its own!

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