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Qtmultimedia - video hardware acceleartion on raspberry pi

  • Hi everybody,

    do you know if qtmultimedia can be used to show hardware accelerated videos on the raspberry pi (qt5.3)?

    I googled quite a lot but don't know how to get on.
    The qt-project website claims that qtmultimedia can be used with gstreamer and the gst-omx plugin (but no mentioning of hardware acceleration).
    GStreamer comes with the versions 0.10 and 1.x. Do both versions support hardware acceleration?
    Some people say it works, others say it doesn't. And most of the information seems to be quite old (<2012).

    I cross-compiled qt for the raspberry on my linux host which works fine.
    I don't understand which options i need for ./configure, so that gstreamer support and the gst-omx plugin will be created.
    Or is it detected automatically? Then how do i have to compile/install it?

    Thanks for your help,

  • If you use Qt Quick, you are using scene graph rendering. Using scene graph rendering means you are using OpenGL. If your hardware supports OpenGL, your Qt Quick applications get hardware acceleration.

  • ok, sounds good. QtQuick uses hardware acceleration on the raspberry.

    Now, i obviously need the gst-omx plugin for the raspberry pi (according to


    1. I don't understand how to compile/install it?
    2. How can i tell qt ./configure to use the plugin?

  • @ben80 did you find something about gst-omx plugin ?

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