Procedure entry point could not be found after Qt version upgrade

  • I just upgraded to Qt 5.3.2 and updated all my project settings to link to the new version. I have also copied all the new qt files to the executable directory and am still getting this error. I have double checked everything here.

    Specifically the procedure it can't find is bytearrayToLongLong in Qt5Cored.dll. (I have copied the correct file from the ONLY 5.3.2 version I downloaded multiple times)

    What else could be the problem?

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    The "procedure entrypoint" error usually appears when you have copied the wrong version of some DLL. Examples:

    • Compiling your program with MSVC but copying the MinGW DLL
    • Taking the DLL from the Qt Creator folder instead of the Qt library folder
    • Having an old version of your custom DLL after upgrading everything else

    By the way, Qt5Cored.dll is the Debug version of the library. Did you intend to create a Debug build? If so, have you ensured that all DLLs in your application (and the application executable itself) are Debug versions too?

    The easiest way forward might be to delete everything in your deployment folder and your project's build folder. Then, rebuild your whole project from scratch and re-deploy.

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