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QImageReader concerns

  • I have a question regarding the QImageReader class.
    I want to get the filename of the images. Let's say the extensions can be anything, not just PNG, JPG, etc... .
    Let's say there are 1000 files in the directory and the size of half of them is over 500 MB.
    I use QImageReader::canRead() function to determine if file is an image or not. How does the QImageReader::canRead() function determine if the file is an image? I don't want to have it load the whole file, then determine if it can recognise it.
    Is it safe to use QImageReader this way?
    Are there any better alternatives?

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    AFAIK, the canRead function and what's under don't load the file content, it peeks and seeks through to get the information needed but that should be all.

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