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Looking to hire a consultant on Qt

  • Hi Everyone,

    I am looking for somebody to help me on a project. You should have experience compiling QtMultimedia under the Rasberry Pi and should have good c++ and Linux experience.

    I am not looking for the candidate to do any work. Just to guide me through compilation and a hello world of QtMultimedia in very simple and layman terms.

    I ONLY want to use 1 class in Qt on the Rasberry Pi. That is QMediaPlayer to play audio files.

    Whoever is interested please email me at Any questions are welcome on this thread.

    The project will involve a couple skype calls and emails back and forth.

    My budget is 300$ for this project and payment will be made via paypal in 75$ increments upon progress.

    Brief about my project:

    I am making a TCP/IP media player that plays MP3 files from a local NAS. I have already completed the code for the entire project using IRRKLANG in C++ and under Linux x64 Ubuntu. So the purpose of working with you would be to port my project to the Rasberry Pi and replace IRRKLANG with QMEDIAPLAYER.

    Again, no coding will be required, I just need to be able to run this code below in a sustainable and repeatable way:

    player = new QMediaPlayer;
    connect(player, SIGNAL(positionChanged(qint64)), this, SLOT(positionChanged(qint64)));

    P.S: I also need help with getting NMBLookup to work on the Rasberry Pi from the command line.

  • I'm bumping this to 500$

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