Displaying a logo at a particular position

  • I have a collection of (radio)buttons on my screen, and I want to add a .png logo at a specific point (coordinate), possibly with the ability to scale up/down the image. (The feature that is provided with QPushButton.setGeometry)
    How could this be achieved? Thanks.

  • Did you place the buttons in a layout? Do you need the icon to stay within this layout, should it be a backgroud image? Maybe add a picture to show what you need. The easiest way to handle this to use the QLabel and place the png in there.

  • I have the following code:
    QLabel myLabel;
    QPixmap pixmap("pic.png");

    Now, I want to put myLabel below a particular button. Note that the above reports an error on line myLabel.setMask. What would be the easiest solution?

  • Hi,
    First of all, the QLabel doesn't have a setMask function, so that will fail. Set the mask on the Pixmap and that should work.
    Do you want to have a button above the icon (use vertical layout)? Of should the icon be the background of the button?? (use borderimage)

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