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Output complaining about signals and slots that DO exist

  • I am getting errors in my output that make no sense. Such as:
    QObject::connect: No such signal AppCore::LoginServer::incomingSignal(NetEventInfo* requestEvent) in ServerEngine.cpp:104

    Here is the line (104) from ServerEngine:
    connect(mLoginServer, SIGNAL(incomingSignal(NetEventInfo* requestEvent)), this, SLOT(loginRequest(NetEventInfo* requestEvent)));

    Here is the header for the class it is referring too (LoginServer)
    class LoginServer : public QTcpServer

    explicit LoginServer(IServerEngine* engine, QObject* parent = 0);
    bool start();

    void incomingSignal(NetEventInfo* requestEvent);

    void incomingConnection(qintptr socketDescriptor);

    private slots:
    void processLogin(const QByteArray& data);
    //void threadFinished(int threadID);

    IServerEngine* mEngine;

    Why does it report the signal doesn't exist when it clearly does?

  • Hi,
    Did you register your NewEventInfo class/variable as a Meta Object?

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    Your connect() statement should only contain the type name, not the variable name.

    connect(mLoginServer, SIGNAL(incomingSignal(NetEventInfo*)), this, SLOT(loginRequest(NetEventInfo*)));

  • Thanks. I did two things that helped solve this problem. First I removed the variables from the code as suggested by JKSH. For a later slot I also changed a qintptr to an int because it said that qintptr was not a MetaObject. If I had needed to continue using a qintptr for whatever reasons, how would I make it a MetaObject?

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