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Configuring Qt development environment for Windows CE 6.5 on Windows 8.1 & Visual Studio 2013

  • Our development machine running windows 8.1 and we have visual studio 2013 installed on it. We would like to develop cross platform application using Qt. First we need a application for Windows CE 6.5. For that we followed the methods specified in the link: "http://qt-project.org/wiki/Building-Qt-4.7.4-for-WindowsCE-StandardSDK":http://qt-project.org/wiki/Building-Qt-4.7.4-for-WindowsCE-StandardSDK. In it, instead of version 4.7.4, we used 5.3.2.

    The first issue is we are not getting the folder structure Windows CE Tools\wce500\STANDARDSDK_500 under program files. Instead we used the path Windows Mobile 6 SDK\PocketPC.

    Upon running the command configure we are getting the following message:
    + C:\Qt\5.3.2ce\qtbase\configure.bat -top-level -platform win32-msvc2008 -xplatform wince60standard-armv4i-msvc2008 -release -D QT_NO_CURSOR=1 -qt-sql-sqlite
    Invalid option "wince60standard-armv4i-msvc2008" for -xplatform.

    Is anyone has already developing applications for windows ce 6.5 version under windows 8.1 OS, Qt version 5.3? If so, could anyone can guide us in configuring Qt?

    Thank you.

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