Intercepting WebKit network requests

  • TLDR; is there a good example which shows making asynchronous requests in a custom NetworkAccessManager ::createRequest function and responding only once the data is loaded?

    I have a web application that I would like to provide an offline version of. To do this I took my SPA app and wrapped it in a QT application. To make the ajax calls work I had to provide a custom network access manager.

    This all works beautifully except for one ajax call I make that actually has to make a web request. The rest simply load or save files.

    In my custom NAM ::createRequest function I return an incomplete QNetworkReply that is open for read. The readData function calls processEvents and returns -1 until I asynchronously receive data from the web request. At that point I populate the QNetworkRequest, fire the readyRead/complete events and let it go.

    The problem I am having is this leads to a 404 in Webkit and the data is not received even though as best I can tell it has been read from the QIODevice interface to the request.

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