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  • I just finished creating a simple touch panel interface for a laboratory instrument using Qt Quick. The client was very happy with both how it looked and how quickly the solution was produced. That latter credit of course belongs to Qt Quick. The instrument has a full Windows 7 computer with a touch screen mounted inside the front panel. The link just has a bigger picture and some additional information on the instrument. Because the bright lights for the photograph wash out the display somewhat, I've also included a close up of just the GUI.


    !http://bit.ly/small9015A(ITS 9510A Automotive Radar Target Simulator )!

    Close up of just the GUI.
    !http://bit.ly/artssmall( ITS-9510A GUI)!

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    Nice !

    Might be even sexier in full screen without decoration ;)

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    Great work! Congratulations on your successful product, and thank you for sharing!

  • Hey Rolias, the touch interface looks nice.
    Did you have to create a custom interface for the touch screen or did it work with Windows out of the box, like a regular touch pad?

    PS. I agree with SGaist, remove the window frame:
    xxx.setWindowFlags(Qt::Window | Qt::FramelessWindowHint);

  • I originally suggested using what I think of as "Kiosk mode" for the application (i.e. no window chrome) but the customer didn't want to do it. I think they looked at other instruments in their lab that run windows and those leave up the chrome. Go figure!

    The touch interface worked with the stock Windows out of the box. I didn't write any multi-touch gestures or anything fancy. The customer wanted it to work with a mouse or a touch interface.

    Thanks for the kind words and feedback.

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