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Qt 5.3 using 4.8 lib on a mac

  • Hey I am in need of building a program with the 4.8 libraries on my mac, I have successfully downloaded and installed Qt 5.3 and I have downloaded the 4.8 libraries (not the debug). I am just not sure what I am supposed to do to add the libraries.

    All help is very much appreciated,
    Evan Simmons

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Go to the preferences, build and run, Qt Versions, add your 4.8 version there, once done, go to Kits, create a new kit and use the 4.8 version you just added. Next go to your project and add that kit, build, run, enjoy :)

  • So when I download the 4.8 library it is a .dmg file, am I supposed to run this? it contains a bunch of .pkg files. when I do run it, its acts like it is trying to install but there are no installation files to be found.

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    Yes, the dmg must be opened and the pkg files are installers. What do you mean by no installation files to be found ?

  • I mean, I know my computer is installing something when I run the qt.mpkg file, however I can not locate any files after it says its finished installing, there for when i go to preferences >build and run > and I try to ad v4.8, I can not locate v4.8 or any files that could be associated with v4.8. I can go to user/name/ qt/qt5.3.2 however there is nothing similar for v4.8

  • This may help explain what exactly my problem is.

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    The Qt 4 series has a different installation layout. Use spotlight to find qmake and check in which path it can be found, then go to the same path from the dialog in Qt Creator

  • I have found qmake . If you look at the video at 6:15 it is in that folder, it is just not an option to select. it is located just as it should be according to the install info.

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    You found the link to qmake, qmake is somewhere in /usr/. IIRC local/bin but I may wrong, you have to go in the right folder. Take a look at the link properties to get the path to qmake

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