Write a driver for my board

  • Hi guys:
    I have a board which is AM335x starter kit. Now i want to let my Qt program can access the UART function on the board(maybe it's a register), how should i do??Currently, i only know how to build a module(driver), i don't know how to make this driver can be used by my Qt program...., i haven't had the experience with this before, i need ur help, thanks in advance.(And I have a simple linux kernel on my board.)

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    If your UART shows as a serial device in /dev you should be able to use QSerialPort with it

  • Yes......, but that's not I want. Because that is based on the driver other people provided(eg. FTDI...), I want to wrote my own driver. The chip on the board have pins for UART, i don't want to add more hardware chip(FTDI chip) on it, I want to use it's UART register directly. So i need to write my own driver...

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    QSerialPort is not based on the FTDI libraries. You can use it for built-in serial ports as well as FTDI version.

    Anyway, if you want to write a driver by hand for your UART, you're on the wrong forum, you should rather go to one dedicated to the AM335x kit you are using.

  • Uh.....yes, I knew QSerialPort is not based on the FTDI libraries, maybe my illustration confused you, I have asked there, the TI employee only replied that I should did it by myself, he couldn't provide any support............, i guess someone have experience for this here. And why i asked this here, because finally the GUI application is based on Qt library.

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    The GUI might be, but still, driver writing is outside the scope of this forum

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