Nokia Qt Ambassador Badge

  • This came to me after seeing the thread about Qt Cert Dev badge [1].

    It would be rather nice to have the Qt Ambassador badges here as well.

    (personally, I'd like a KDE one more, but I understand that could be problematic since KDE is not only user of Qt, just the largest one)


    [1] "":

  • I think that is already being worked on in the context of a more eleborate badge system.

  • Andre is right, we have received several good ideas here on the forum and elsewhere that we would like to implement. This would need a system that handles several badges and has some sort of automation.

    Thanks for validating our plan Ivan. :)

  • No problem. I'm a big fan of badges :)

    p.s. It's cool you're sticking with the name 'Trolls' instead of switching to 'Quties' :)

  • We added an alt= text on the TROLL image that shows on hover, just in case our heritage was unknown to the visitor :) We also wanted to have trolls dancing on our "we're in maintenance-mode page" but haven't gotten there yet.

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