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Doubts about using docks witcth QDockWidget

  • I wonder if you can use QDockWidget this way:


    Docks 1,2,3 are independent of the central widget. May increase the size of any one.

    If anyone can help I am very grateful.

  • A dock widgets size can be increased. Mainly the user can, and I'm sure, also programatically would be possible.

    What do you man by independant?

  • Do you mean that they would overlay over the central widget, or something like that?

  • Exactly DOCK3 override centralwidget but DOCK2 and dock1 should stay where they are.

    ...sorry for bad english....

  • Afaik, it's not possible by default.
    A dock widget always takes space inside the main window, whcih means, it uses space, the central widget can't use. The central widget is automatically using all unoccupied space.

    So if dock 3 gets bigger, it will loock like it uis over central widget, but in fact, central widget gets smaller (perhaps gets a scroll bar). If it should really bo "Over" the central widget, it must be floating and then it's not docked anymore.

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