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Moved XCode to another disk, now Qt can't build my project

  • First, I updated XCode to version 6, and that broke because Qt does not work with XCode 6.
    I then uninstalled and reinstalled XCode 5. But still, something about the Qt setup is looking for XCode
    file at its old location. Qmake creates a Makefile that references folders at the old XCode location.
    Has anyone seen this? Thanks.

  • More data: I created a brand new user and the problem is gone. So I suspect this has to do with data that Qt keeps for each user. Where is this data? Thanks.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Qt can work with Xcode 6, the current "problem" is that Xcode 6 doesn't provide the 10.8 SDK that was used to build the Qt packages. So you can either copy the SDK from 5.1.1 over to 6 or rebuild Qt.

  • Thanks @SGaist. I'll try that.

    In the meantime I found the source of the reference to my old XCode location.
    It was stored somewhere in ~/.config/QtProject. Deleting that folder got me
    back in good shape. There does not appear to be any place in the UI where one can control those settings. Maybe I missed it.

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    No you didn't because there are none AFAIK. Also, until now generally (AFAIR) Xcode provided the current SDK and the prior versions where available for download

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