Install Qt on W7 x64 pro failure

  • Hello,
    i'm a beginer with Qt, and not well started.
    I started install of Qt creator 5.3.1 using online installer.
    Download was completed, but install freeze à 89%, with current file Windows Runtime 8.1 x64 (MSVC2013) (beta).
    The pc was nearly locked (impossible to run almost every program, task manager included).
    After half a hour, I have done an Off/on.
    I retry the install, but it dosn't work.
    Following external advice, I downloaded the 5.3.1 OpenGL version.
    I try to run this soft, but it close without message after 2 seconds.
    I cleaned the Qt directory.
    I cleaned the registry.
    I restarted the install with same result. Nothing happens.
    Please have you any suggestion ?
    Thanks for every contribution.

  • You have MSVC2013 tool chain installed ? if not, install the visual studio 2013 express edition. I never tried the on-line installer but never faced any problems with the offline one. May be you can try that.

  • thanks vikaspachdha.
    I started to install MSVC2013, but it failed. Ask for a newer version of windows ...

  • Hi, yes the express edition requires Win 8.1 :-( so the trick is to go to and download a trial edition of Visual Studio, it can be installed on Windows 7. Ok it will expire after 30 days but Qt and QtCreator will continue to work anyway.

  • Thanks hskoglund.
    Install of Qt finnaly worked, with VS2013, and now it's running.

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