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Can some one tell me what to install so qmake is in and works.

  • i have tried

    and still cannot compile anything with a gui. just simple text file.

    always qt not installed or qmake not installed. and cannot find out how.

    I need a complete write up on how.

    Windows 7 64 bit system.


  • Can a elaborate a little bit more in detail what you are doing?

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    The Qt Creator package does contain just the IDE itself, no Qt.

    Qt-win-opensource is a desktop Qt version.

    The most straight forward way to get started is by using the Qt SDK: That contains both Creator and Qt for desktop and mobile devices with everything preconfigured to work well together.

    If you want to stick with your qt-win-opensource, then you need to do a bit of configuring yourself: Go to Tools->Options->Qt4 and add a new Qt version (button on the right). Configure it by pointing it to the qmake of the Qt version you just installed and giving the version a name.

    Afterwards you should be able to set up a new project and build it using mingw which is shipped as part of Qt Creator. For the 2.2beta you might need to configure mingw, too, not 100% sure. That happens in Tools->Options->Tool Chain, add a new one (button on the right), select mingw, select the compiler (g++ somewhere beneath the directory you installed Qt Creator into), select a debugger (something in pythongdb below where you installed your Creator, some exe with gdb in its name, probably mingw, too).

  • You can install the Qt SDK, it's incl. Qt, creator, mingw, etc.
    But I'm not sure, whether ist for 64 bit there...

  • thanks for the help Tobias.
    Seems you need the SDK if you want to compile a gui interface.

  • No, you don't actually. You only need the qt-win-opensource-4.7.2-mingw package for that. You might need to compile that package before you can use it, I am not sure. However, if you want to use Qt Creator, you should just use the SDK instead. It contains everything you'll need, including all the nice tools surrounding Qt.

  • You even don't need the qt-win-opensource-4.7.2-mingw package. The source code package is enough. Then you need your prefered compiler (which might already be on your machine, perhaps MSVS 2008, 2001, 2005, mingw, whatever). Then you can build Qt with the compiler of your choice (takes some minutes, or hours) and everything is fine. It contains everything you need, QtDesigner for rapid GUI developement, QtAssitant for OnlineHelp, Headers, source, ...

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