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Interacting of graphical Forms

  • Hello there,

    i´m still new to Qt, but i´m starting to have a feeling for it.
    I have two concrete applications in mind, where could need advice, wich Qt Classes would fit to my purpose.


    One thing is, im thinking about to be able to connect Qt to external measurement devices and plot a graph. For example measuring a electric motor´s current and print it on the fly in a cooordinate. I have allready taken a look into the simple terminal example and connected a controller via USB-ComPort Bridge. Also i found the QTimer Class that can provide me a timebase for timestamps.
    But what Class would be handy to do the prrinting job? "QPainter"?


    I have a µController (stm32) based system where i can do dynamic object configurations and connect these objects regarding thier data in and outs. The point is, the device has a 2x16 character display and i wanna try making up a GUI where i can drag and drop symbols which reflect the objects. Since these objects are connected in certain way it would be handy, if the symbols would have something like "interacting corners" or something, that they can be put together like pieces of a puzzle. I guess these task can not be covered by one class. I guess i have to do my way into several. Any suggestions which classes to use for which purpose?

    best regards,

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    1. It would probably simpler to look at something like Qwt for that

    2. Either QML or the QGraphicsView classes sound like good candidate for that one. IIRC there's a puzzle style example in Qt's documentation

    Hope it helps

  • ^^ yea, don´t know, why i didn´t tjought of typing "qt puzzle" to google... First thing i did totday. Epic fail ;-)

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