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[SOLVED] Looking for a full list of flags for QT 5.3's "configure" tool

  • I want to build QT 5.3 on Windows and would like to know which command-line flags are available to me. When I run configure -help (or --help, -h), instead of offering me a list, the building process appears to start.

    The [url=]documentation[/url] is kept brief on this.

    Any help appreciated, thanks.

    Edit: Nevermind, the list of flags comes up after some compilation is done. I wasn't expecting that, so I aborted too early.

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    Weird. It works fine for me. Here is the output (for Windows): "link":

    Apologies for pastebin, but the forum does not allow such long posts (17k characters).

  • Thanks sierdzio.

    In my case it first starts some configuration and compilation, so that put me off:

    C:\Dev\qt5.3_src\configure -h

    • C:\Dev\qt5.3_src\qtbase\configure.bat -top-level -help
      Please wait while bootstrapping configure ...
      <srcbase> = C:/Dev/qt5.3_src/qtbase
      <outbase> = C:/Dev/qt5.3_build/qtbase
      QtCore: created fwd-include header(s) for <srcbase>/src/corelib/animation/ { qabstractanimation.h (1), qabstractanimation_p.h (1), qanimatio
      ngroup.h (1), qanimationgroup_p.h (1), qparallelanimationgroup.h (1), qparallelanimationgroup_p.h (1), qpauseanimation.h (1), qpropertyanima ..@
      That keeps going for a few hundred lines and g++ appears to be invoked, but it shows the help list at the end of it, so I'm all set now.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Don't worry that's normal, it's the bootstrap part that creates the necessary files and tools that will be used to process the source tree to build Qt.

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