Pictures for the Showcase

  • We are improving the showcase and other sites related to the Qt Ambassador Program.
    As part of this, we would like to use REAL Qt Ambassadors in our promotional materials.

    So, if you have funny pictures of you and/or fellow Qt Ambassadors, that you want to share with us, please send them to:

    To improve your chances of your picture being selected, remember to be creative and make use of your Qt merchandise in the picture as well!

    Please note that by sending us pictures, you give Nokia, Qt Development Frameworks the right to use and distribute the pictures.

  • @Marianne
    is there a specific size for picture?

  • @Mazd: Please add pictures in the highest resolution possible.

  • @Marianne:You mean,the picture i sent to you has low resolution?

  • @Mazd: No, my previous post was just meant as an answer to the question you posted here. We haven't looked at the pictures yet, but if the resolution is too low, we’ll let you know! :-)

  • Hi all!
    We are still collecting pictures for our new promo materials, and we need many more!
    So please, put on your Qt Ambassador t-shirt (make sure the text is visible) and make a cool pose and send it to us! :-)

  • I could take a picture, but I just was accepted a few days ago, and not received my shirt yet. How long you will be accepting the pictures, and what is the estimate time to the package to arrive for people who has been accepted only for a few days?

  • Hi Matrixx,
    Welcome to the program and thanks for offering to send us pictures!:-)
    Unfortunately, we need pictures before the end of next week, and since your package is not sent yet, it could take a week ( or more) for you to get it.
    However, we always like to get pictures, and we might be able to use them for promo materials later! :-)

  • thanks, I could sure send something later. Btw, does the Ambassador t-shirt include ladyfit models or is that a normal t-shirt?

  • @matrixx: No, unfortunately we only have one model.

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