Bluetooth for Windows/Mac workaround?

  • Hi,

    If Qt is not going to support Bluetooth on the Windows and Mac platforms then is there a workaround for integrating Bluetooth into my Qt application? How are you guys doing it?



  • Is it possible to write the bluetooth functionality I need in Visual Studio/XCode and then import it into my Qt project as a linked library?

  • Yes it absolutely is. I just had to do a bluetooth pairing project under windows and I was pretty much forced to use winapi to do it. Qt bluetooth stuff doesn't work for me on osx/windows or linux. I still used Qt for it's general awesomeness and to provide the service.

    Anyway, you can write a lib, or you can just use #ifdef Q_OS_WIN to wrap your windows specific code, or other platform defs for whatever platform you are on.

  • Okay, thanks ambershark, I'll pursue that line of thinking then. :-)

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