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Building Qt documentation as DITA

  • Hello.

    In order to revive a Qt documentation translation, I would need to generate Qt's documentation as DITA files, which would be much easier to use than our current solution (based on HTML files, whose structure is prone to evolution, without having much meaning, as opposed to DITA). I would need this output for Qt 4.6 up to the latest Qt 5.

    However, I'm unable to generate the whole documentation. Using the QDoc's documentation (, I can turn sources into documentations, but it's rather wrong: when starting it in Qt Android Extras, it generates the documentation for Qt Core, but nothing about Qt Android Extras… What I am doing, first trying to get some HTML documentation:
    @C:\Qt\5.3\Src\qtandroidextras\src > qdoc -outputdir C:\Qt_html\ -installdir C:\Qt_html\ C:\Qt\5.3\Src\qtbase\src\corelib\doc\qtcore.qdocconf@

    I would prefer no Makefile: it has more dependencies when deployed on a server, but also requires to run configure (which disables Enginio when there is no OpenSSL, while its documentation should be generated). However, this is the only documented way, it seems (…

    I had a look to the generated Makefiles, I understood the generation is a two-stage process (first make the indexes so links can be made, then do the actual generation), but so far I'm unable to reproduce it using a Python script.

    I feel rather lost; could someone please explain me the general picture of generating Qt's documentation and the parameters to give QDoc to get the full documentation? I found very little information about this on the Web…
    Thanks in advance!

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    I strongly suspect that DITA support is not actively maintained, and so it might be very buggy. Please ask on Qt interest mailing list, there are far more Qt developers there who can know the answer, or at least give you some pointers. "Link":

  • Thank you for your answer. I've copied my message on that mailing list (

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