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[Feature Request] Make QTime emit signal when it wraps at 24 hours

  • In the documentation it is made clear that when using QTime to time something it will wrap at the 24 hour mark (and presumable will become "invalid" for that millisecond where all the element, hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds are zero) would it not be "a good idea" to have it emit a signal at that time so that code that uses it for timing things with the elapsed() method get a wake-up call to deal with that eventuality?

    As a "lab rat" I realise that I may not be posting this request in the right place, if that is so, can someone tell me (nicely 8-) ) where to go!

    Edit: Um, I meant: deal with the fact that it has wrapped; not that momentarily it becomes invalid…

  • The right place for suggestions is , select "Qt" as the "Project", then select "Suggestions" as the "Issue type", and i guess you should select "Core: Date/Time" as the "Component" (or just leave the "Component" unselected if allowed). Then fill in your suggestion there.

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