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Large QQuickPaintedItem item not drawn

  • I try to make an signal view for my QML app. So i need navigate on signal. For this purpose i've inherited from QQuickPaintedItem and overload painted() method.
    But if my component is larger then 8100x369 there is only black square on at the place.
    How to solve this problem? How to create an extremly large component?

  • In think you reached the maximum texture size. One options can be to split the content in multiple QQuickPaintedItems. Another way, split the content into multiple textures and use SceneGraph with "QSGSimpleTextureNode": and "QSGTextureMaterial": for better performance.

  • Possible, but why other elements with the same size can be drawn?

  • [quote author="Roumed" date="1410525665"]Possible, but why other elements with the same size can be drawn?[/quote]
    What do you mean with other elements. Other elements of your custom class or other qml elements like Rectangle with the same size as your custom element? What do you do in your paint method? I don't know. Not so much info right here.

  • Nothing: it is just empty method. But i use setFillColor() to set background color: so that's i know, that something is wrong. Application output haven't any messages.

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