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How to make Qt Menu Bar dispalyed ( fitted ) and function ok as on PC desktop on Nokia smartphones

  • Hello
    ( to continue from previous discusion about fitting interfaces to mobile devices )
    thanks to everybody interested and tryed to help:

    1. I've succedd to fit to mobile device without using layout, with layout it is more "professionaly" but at the moment I do not understand how to make layout specifically for my application interface that will fit "automatically" for changing platform ( I mean when compiling with different compilers and deploying to different devices)
    2. I still have some problem : There is a menu bar with items and actions at the top of my application's interface. I see them well in QtDesigner and they function ok and when compiling and executing on Windows it is ok, BUT! When I fit the window size for the symbian/maemo devices that there are at QtSDK simulators I see interfaces ok but* I do not see the menu bar nor on the simulator's device's screen nor on the simulator's additional screen but only some part of my menu bar*. Does anybody know what must be done for Qt MenuBar with items and actions displayed and functioned ok on QtSDK simulator and on real devices ( Maemo/Symbian ) ( like on Windows in this specific case ).
      Thanks a lot!

  • Whenever you design your application in the simulator and then deploy that in real device, the picture will be the different.

    You can design the using widget trick, or run time modification with that application.

  • Hi
    Thanks for your reply
    Isn't it "logically right" the simulator should provide real picture what is going on at the device. If no then for what we need the simulator?
    I am not so experienced I am only begin with mobile platforms but I am sure it is more less looks like as at the simulator ( at least the interface,layout ). I think there should be some definition ( or coded or in Qt Designer ) to define QMenuBar property so it will be seen as a developer need on mobile device... shouldn't there?

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