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List Model How to Append data

  • I have my list mode

    @ ListModel {
    id: nestedModel

    and I can append the list model using the code

    locationName: qsTr("Location5"),
    collapsed: true,
    folders: [{
    folderName: qsTr("Cam11")
    }, {
    folderName: qsTr("Cam22")
    }, {
    folderName: qsTr("Cam33")
    }, {
    folderName: qsTr("Cam44")

    Which works fine.

    But I need to append the inner list only using the same append model, like I have already "Cam11,Cam22,Cam33,Cam44" in my list model, and I have to append "Cam55,Cam66" dynamically.

    How it's possible?

    Any help will be appreciated...


  • Finally I found the answer "here":
    We can append new data to child list using

    @nestedModel.get(index).folders.append({"folderName": "Cam55})
    nestedModel.get(index).folders.append({"folderName": "Cam66})@

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