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  • Hi ,

    Can any one give me steps for starting with RPC in qt. I dont know hot to start with it, where the library should be placed in windows and dont know how to code that.

    Thank you

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    QNetworkAccessManager is your friend here.

    What do you mean by "where the library should be placed in windows" ?

  • I just googled how to implement RPC in QT. Like java there are no ready made classes that QT provides as such as per my understanding. We need to build the Qjson project that available from net and take that library the plugin.

    Is there any other way to use it.
    Example: For using TCP and UDP we already have classes in
    QT , like that do we have any means of doing RPC ?

  • Thank you for your reply SGaist. Is there any Template kind of projects some where that i can get and use it for my implementation of RPC ?

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    No, there's no template for that, however you can take a look at Qxt that provides some ready made classes for that. Depending on what kind of service your want to access e.g. using json-rpc, there's already several libraries made with Qt that you could test.

  • Thank you SGaist, can you provide me those libraries link.
    i want RPC at the top and keeping udp as the local socket. is there any simple example for this ?

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    Not knowing what kind of RPC you want to do, I can't say more than google is your friend.

    [quote author="RohitIti" date="1410344547"]
    i want RPC at the top and keeping udp as the local socket

    That's not clear at all

  • Unless you need to do the RPC across the network, i.e. from one machine to another one, you may also implement this via a QSharedMemory (for passing the data) and two QSystemSemaphore's (for synchronization). I have successfully implemented RPC-like communication between a "client" and a "server" process that running on the same machine in this way.

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