[Solved] Newly defined build kit is not available in the kit selection

  • Dear Qt community,

    I have some trouble with using a user definded build kit in Qt Creator 3.2.0. My goal is to compile my project using the msvc2013 compiler and target a windows 32 bit platform. Thus under kits, I added a new kit and configured it. By default the QT 32bit version compiled with msvc2013, was not installed on my system. Thus I downloaded it from the QT webpage and installed it. Now, I could add it manually by selecting the appropriate qmake file in the Qt-version field. Afterwards it showed "QT 5.3.1 (msvc2013)". In addition I selected the msvc2013 32 bit compiler which was already installed with visual studio express 2013. The complete configuration is:

    • Name: Desktop QT 5.3.1 MSVC2013 32 bit
    • File system name:
    • device type: Desktop
    • device: local Pc
    • Sysroot:
    • Compiler: Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler 12.0 (x86)
    • Debugger: Automatic determined CDB ...\WindowsKits\8.1\Debuggers\x86\cdb.exe
    • Qt-Version: Qt 5.3.1 (mscv 2013)
    • Qt-mkspec:

    This kit configuration does not show any error symbol. However, when I want to select the kit to build the project, it does not show up in the kit selection. Does anybody have an idea why I cannot select this kit? Thanks in advance you for help.

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    Hi, and welcome to the Qt Dev Net!

    How did you open the dialog to select the kit?

    If you create a new project using "File" -> "New File or Project..." -> "Applications" -> "Qt Widgets Application" are you able to see the kit?

    If not, click on "Projects" button on the left of your screen, then click "Add Kit". Can you see it now?

  • Hi JKSH,

    Yes, I see it now. My mistake seems to be that I did not add the kit to the project, but just created it with Extras->settings->settings and execution->kit->add. Do I get it right, that this way I only added a kit to the kits that are generally available, but not to the actual project?

    Thank you!

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