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Mac Photoshop won't open .png file saved from QImage

  • I'm testing the QImage class and am saving out a simple 256x256 .png file using QImage. The image appears to be okay in the Mac finder. I can see the file, the preview shows what I expect. But photoshop (which is photoshop cc) gives me the message:

    @Could not complete your request because the file-fiormat module cannot parse the file.@

    Wonder if anyone could shed some light on this?

  • This is the code I'm using:

    @ QFile file(fullpath);
    if( file.exists())
    image = new QImage(fullpath);
    if( image ) {
    QColor fillcolor;
    image->save(saveP, "PNG");
    stat.note("texture: " + fullpath);
    stat.note2column("Width:", uw::asStr(image->width()),16);
    stat.note2column("Height:", uw::asStr(image->height()),16);
    stat.note2column("Depth:", uw::asStr(image->depth()),16);
    delete image;
    image = NULL;

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    Maybe a silly question, but did you check that the image was saved successfully ?

    On a side note, there's no need to allocate it on the heap

  • The map did save successfully. I can view it in Mac's viewer. But photoshop refuses to load it.

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    Do you have any precise error message from photoshop ?

  • Could not complete your request because the file-fiormat module cannot parse the file.

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    And it doesn't give you any hint why it can parse it ?

  • No. There is another hint. I have a mac with Parallels. I have photoshop for PC in parallels and photoshop for mac. I cannot load any .png files from the pc partition from the Mac photoshop. But if I use a repository with Git and check in the .png file from the PC side and do a pull on the Mac side, the file will open.

    Now that's not a .png generated from QImage. That's just a .png file saved from photoshop. So who knows. Its not a big deal. I just thought there might be someone else out there that had seen this.

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    What if you try to open your QImage generated png with your Windows Photoshop ?

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    This sounds like a Mac-Windows filesystem issue, not a Qt issue.

    I suspect that if you open the PNG in a Windows partition using Windows Photoshop, it will be fine. I also suspect that if you copy the file from your Windows partition into your Mac partition (no need Git), your Mac Photoshop will be able to open it too.

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