Custom widget -> write items to ui

  • Hi together,

    I've created a custom widget and want to write child items added via the QT Designer to the ui - file.
    Just like the QListWidget writes its items added in the Designer to the ui - xml.

    How do I do that?

  • Hi and welcome to Qt devnet
    just read it carefully with the following will tell you how to deal with Qt designer with your application.
    hope it would help..:)

  • I'm afraid it doesn't (at least I couldn't find anything helpful in there).

    If you look closely, you can edit the items a QListWidget contains initially.
    My Widget can do this too.

    BUT the QListWidget stores the changes you made in the QDesigner into the ui file (as properties i guess), but mine doesn't.

  • ok..
    have you looked on this thread ..there are lot of hints related to your problem.

  • I could do it like mentioned in that thread. But that seems like a bit of a hack for my purposes.

    My intention is, that the Q Designer creates the ui file on some point during a save action. And i want to take influence on the creation of the XML code of my custom widget.

  • The QListView writes elements created in the Q Designer into the ui file. Can I do this too with my custom widget??

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