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How to overlap two qgraphicsvideoitem

  • how can overlap qgraphicsvideoitem by parent child concept.
    could anyone explain it with syntax.

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    Why is the parent/child concept mandatory ?

    You could try by just putting one on top of the other and set the z value of them accordingly.

  • actually i need to built a video player which has two display one overlapping the other and for sometime 1st display shud show the video and some time display 2 shuld show the video and when switching the display there should not be a delay for black screen for some mili sec it shuld be like when i hide first display the 2nd display shuld be running under it so it creates a illusion that its continous.
    I tried it with qvideowidget and stack them wihth qstackwidget but when i switch there is a black screen (delay) while switching coz displays are not actually one above the other when we call the it comes.
    So can u help me in this please.How can i do it.

  • thanks

  • hallo SGaist
    I used qgraphicsvideoitem and then with setsize i overlap two qgraphicsvideoitem .Now as i mentioned above i want that thing to happen how can i do it.please help.

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    It's really not clear. But from what I understood, why not just exchange the size and z value of the two items ?

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