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How to use Valgrind remotely ?

  • Hello everyone,

    I was looking for a free profiler for my Qt code under Windows.
    I am used to the MatLab profiler where you can see the time spent on each line of code, which is very handy. (ex : )
    I tried Luke Stackwalker and VerySleepy, but none of them helped me find the bottlenecks.

    So now I am trying to use Valgrind remotely, but the Qt help is rather succinct, hence I am looking for your help !
    So far I have installed Ubuntu in a virtual machine
    ( "" )
    and created a ssh connection
    ( )
    but I have no clue about what to do next.

    The remote analysis prompt for the executable ( path to valgrind I guess ? )
    arguments ( I thought Qt was handling it, so I am confused )
    and working directory ( profiling output directory I suppose )
    and in the next panel the network interface ( tried putty's interface and virtual machine's one )
    but then I receive the message “valgrind cannot start: no private key”.

    Any help is appreciated !

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