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Debugger QList<QByteArray> Value is shown as <not accessible>

  • I realize this theme has been visited. I've seen other posts with similar problems and the answers usually involved disabling GDB pretty printers and GDB reverse debugging. I've toggled these values, as well as the 'Debug all children' option.

    My code is:

    @    QByteArray msg = Data->getPlainData();
    QList<QByteArray> msgContents = msg.split('\n');@

    However, in the Debugger's Locals and Expressions view, I get:
    Name | Value | Type
    msgContents <not accessible> QList<QByteArray>
    msg "\r\nSEQ:95\r... QByteArray@

    and I am able to view all the contents of msg. I also saw one post that suggested changing the Local Display Format of msgContents to Raw Format, but that didn't work either.

    Any suggestions? My GDB version is 7.7, Qt Creator version 3.0.1/Qt 5.2.1/GCC 4.6.1/64 bit

    I can print the Debugger Log View, but it's pretty long, so I will omit it for now.

  • I updated my QtCreator from 3.0.1 to 3.1.1 and the Debugging now works. The settings that I have in Tools--> Options-->Debugger are:

    Under GDB Tab:
    Load .gdbinit file on startup [disabled]
    Load system GDB pretty printers [disabled]

    Under GDB Extended Tab:
    Enable reverse debugging [enabled]
    Debug all children [enabled]

    I don't know which of these are necessary, but that's what I have.

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