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Qt4, Windows XP SP3 runtime error

  • Hello,

    just joined to have help in solving this problem:

    I recently had to format my drive and reinstall everything, included Qt. I have an old machine with Windows XP service pack 3.
    Qt5.3 works fine, but I have to build also against Qt4, so I downloaded and installed Qt4.8.2 and added the kit to Qtcreator.
    Build is ok, but I get a runtime error from windows saying that the application will be closed. (this has been tried on a new project which does nothing but shows a MainWindow, that's all).

    Can you help me?


  • Welcome to DevNet!

    Please start new thread if you have a question. It will be easier to find. I moved this question to a separate thread.

    Is there any error number in the message?
    Any other messages in a console?
    Try to step through the code in debbuger. May be it will show something.
    Try to open your app in Dependency Walker. Does it show any errors ?

  • Hi andreyc,

    many thanks for your quick reply.
    In actual facts, yesterday I kept looking for solutions and found out that Qt4.8 do not work with latest MinGW 4.8 (which was installed together with Qt5.3), but only with MinGW 4.4 (or 4.6 some say).
    Therefore I downloaded MinGW 4.4.0 and then everything worked fine.

    Thanks anyway

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    Older versions of Qt 4.8 need MinGW 4.4, but Qt 4.8.6 does work with the latest MinGW. You can get it from if you want.

  • Hi,

    thanks a lot. In fact I had Qt4.8.2 installed and did not work.
    I will try Qt4.8.6

    Thanks again

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