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Connect to wifi via Qt

  • Hello everyone,

    I am developing an application on Qt for Android. The application serves the role of a TCP client that connects to a server written in C++ and retrieves data from it. I also have deployed it on my Android phone.

    I am also trying to connect to a wifi network programmatically via Qt. I have read the documentation of Bearer Management and QNetworkConfiguration and I am able to find all the available configurations in the wlan0 interface. I am also able to start a new session for a configuration and see all available interfaces etc.

    Therefore I think I have understood how the documentation works, but I am not able to connect to a wifi.
    I have read in the forum that there is no built-in way in Qt to do that, and that I need to use some native api.

    Another thing that i've tried is to execute a QProcess with Linux system calls, such as ifconfig and iwconfig to connect to the wifi in the same way as in Linux terminal (Qt desktop version) but I haven't seen any results and if I see any, I don't know if that will work in Android.

    Is there a way to connect to wifi via Qt? Is there anything in the documentation that i have not seen or understood yet? If not, is it possible to do it in C++ with some API for Linux? (I have found out that there are APIs on Windows that do this but my server needs to be running on a Linux device)

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Interesting questions but I'm not sure you're on the best place for them. You should try asking on the android-development mailing list or the necessitas irc channel

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